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Fellowship Diploma in TESOL Education Studies

Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn. For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.

The FTCL Diploma is a unique high-level qualification, accredited at Level 7 on the UK National Qualifications Framework, designed to recognise the achievements of experienced professionals in the field of TESOL.

Download the FTCL Diploma leaflet.

The qualification has been designed for English language teaching professionals and senior practitioners who are engaged in significant projects as teachers, trainers, managers, curriculum designers and course developers.

Unlike most other Trinity TESOL qualifications, this qualification is not course based. The qualification is assessed through a dissertation of 11,500-12,500 words and a 50 minute viva voce with an examiner appointed by Trinity. Examples of projects might be the design, implementation and monitoring of a new qualification or course; or the description and evaluation of a range of teaching or training provision in the participant's own country.

Further information about this qualification is available from the FTCL TESOL Guidance Notes or on the website.


Who is the qualification for?

The FTCL Diploma TESOL is designed for experienced TESOL practitioners who:
  • have an ‘equivalent-level’ qualification but would now like formal recognition for more recent professional work
  • do not have an ‘equivalent-level’ qualification and do not have the time or financial resources to pursue other Level 7 qualifications, but who have significant TESOL experience
  • are engaged in a recent or current project that does not fall within the constraints of the teaching-focused Diploma or the generally more academic-focused Masters qualification
  • have a recent or current piece of work which could add value to the field of TESOL by addressing specific academic, vocational and/or corporate needs
  • may have English as a first language or as a second or other language
  • may be resident in any country.

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