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The course offers a minimum of 50 hours' input which includes core content of 40 hours and an additional 10 hours of tailored material to cater for particular interests, markets or training groups.

Learning Options
Providers offer the programme in the following ways, making the course available from anywhere in the world:

- full-time intensive programmes (over 8-10 days)
- part-time
- blended delivery
- online and distance-learning options.
- on demand

A wide degree of flexibility guarantees that there will be a Cert IBET course that suits your learning style and needs.

Course Modules
There are 10 core modules that comprise the Cert IBET:

  • definitions of business English
  • concepts and language in a business context
  • needs analysis and research
  • materials and resources
  • internationalism
  • course and syllabus design
  • methods and approaches
  • business communication skills development (2 modules)
  • assessment and evaluation.

Assessment is through the submission of one assignment of between 3000 and 5000 words, to be submitted within 12 weeks of the course completion date. New assignment titles are published every one or two years. Assessment is carried out by the provider with external moderation by Trinity College London. Standard assessment criteria are used for all assignments.

For more information, please email tesol@trinitycollege.com


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