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PON in the UK and Ireland

Groups that receive PON funding may travel to the UK or Ireland for their course. They can take their Trinity exam before they return to Italy.

The links below contain lists of schools in the UK and Ireland that have successfully offered courses leading to Trinity exams. Trinity College does not accredit or endorse courses or schools - the lists are provided for information only.


Northern England

Central England

Eastern England


South East England

South West England




For enquiries about booking a course please contact the schools directly.

For enquiries about PON in the UK & Ireland, including requests to add your school to a list above, please contact: ponukireland@trinitycollege.co.uk


Disclaimer: The schools listed in this section offer courses that may be used in preparation for Trinity exams. Please note that Trinity College London is an international exam board that operates entirely independently of schools offering courses in preparation for taking Trinity exams. It does not accredit, endorse or otherwise quality assure the schools (their staff and premises) or their courses and cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever in respect of them. Potential candidates are strongly advised to make their own enquiries about the quality of the schools and their courses before committing to taking a course.

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