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Entry Level 2 (QCF)

Exam specifications
Download our exam specifications for ESOL Skills for Life (QCF) - Entry 2.
This document contains essential information for each unit including:

  • Structure of units
  • Candidate profile
  • Exam format and procedure  
  • Assessment criteria
  • Performance descriptors
  • Mark schemes

 The following resources will help you to prepare for the exams.


Speaking and Listening 
The Speaking and Listening assessment takes the form of a one-to-one conversation with a Trinity examiner, plus a small group discussion (up to three people) facilitated by a Trinity examiner.

Read the generic performance descriptors for Speaking and Listening.

Prepare with Speaking and Listening sample prompts.

Watch sample videos of an interview and a group discussion at this level. Use the Rationale documents to see how they were marked.


Entry 2 Interviews Entry 2 Group Discussions


The Reading assessment at this level takes the form of a 60 minute exam taken under controlled exam conditions.


Reading Preparation Activity
Alphabetical order task


The Writing assessment at this level takes the form of a 50 minute exam paper taken under controlled exam conditions.


To book exam sessions at this level, follow our exam administration guidance.


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