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Room 2010, 20th Floor, Shou Zuo (Ao Xin Ya) Building, No.2030 Caitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, P.R.C

中文地址: 深圳市福田区彩田路2030号首座(澳新亚大厦)20楼2010室

Office hours: 9.00 to 17.00 (Mon-Fri)
Contact: Adam Giles, National Manager
Phone number: (852) 2366 3792
Email: adam.giles@trinitycollege.com.cn
Contact: Amy Wang, Business Development Manager
Phone number: (86) 755 8347 0295
Mobile number: (86) 139 0292 8999
Email: amy.wang@trinitycollege.com.cn
Contact: Karin Xie, Academic Manager
Phone number: (86) 755 8321 0605
Mobile number: (86) 186 6481 0540
Email: karin.xie@trinitycollege.com.cn 
Contact: Ocean Wang, Examinations Manager
Phone number: (86) 755 8347 0593
Mobile number: (86) 132 6672 9780
Email: ocean.wang@trinitycollege.com.cn 
Contact: Sophia Li, Senior Examination Administration Officer
Phone number: (86) 755 8347 0244
Mobile number: (86) 135 3406 5807
Email: sophia.li@trinitycollege.com.cn


Welcome to the China website for Trinity exams.

Please contact the Trinity office or a Registered Examination Centre near you for further information.

Recognition of Trinity’s examinations in Mainland China includes:

Trinity ESOL examinations are used, recognised or recommended by the following organisations in China:

  • The Beijing Education Examinations Authority (BEEA)
  • The Hubei Examinations Authority (HBEA)
  • Liaoning Provincial Education Bureau
  • The National Foreign Language Teaching & Research Association (NFLTRA)
  • The Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation (CAEF)
  • English First (EF)
  • Shane English (Shane)

ESOL Examinations - Trinity Stars, GESE, GESE(China), ISE and SEW

  • Trinity Stars – Young Performers in English Award
    This award is designed to encourage the teaching and learning of English language through drama, music and performance. It is a group award, designed for children aged anywhere between 3 and 12 years old who are starting to learn English.
  • GESE – Graded Examinations in Spoken English qualifications
    GESE examinations are available at 12 progressive levels and focus on the skills of speaking and listening. They are one-to-one oral assessments with a Trinity examiner.
  • GESE (China) – Graded Examinations in Spoken English qualifications (with local examiners)
    GESE(China) examinations are available at 6 progressive levels and focus on the skills of speaking and listening. They are one-to-one oral assessments with a Trinity examiner. 
  • ISE – Integrated Skills in English qualifications
    ISE examinations are available at five levels and assess the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Candidates prepare a portfolio of their written work, have an oral assessment with a Trinity examiner, and sit a controlled written examination paper.


Drama Examinations

Candidates from Mainland China who wish to take Drama exams, please contact amy.wang@trinitycollege.com.cn


TESOL Examinations

For more information on our TESOL qualifications click here

Exam dates

GESE (International) & Trinity Stars for 2018

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr Jul Aug Sept Nov
Session dates 4-31 1-28 7-15, 21-31 1-30 1-31 1-31 1-30 1-30
Entry deadline 15 Nov 2017 15 Dec 2017 15 Jan 5 Feb 15 May 15 Jun 15 Jul 15 Sep


GESE (China) 2018

Sessions can be arranged every month. The entry deadline is the 1st date of a month in advance.

Candidate enrolment

Please contact a centre near you for exam enrolment.

Reports are given to all candidates and successful candidates receive their certificates from London within 6-8 weeks of the examination.

For exam dates for Drama and any other general queries, please contact Amy Wang at amy.wang@trinitycollege.com.cn for assistance.


Preparation Book List

Download Exam Preparation Book List

Please note that the Examination Preparation Books are not available from Trinity College London Hong Kong office. If you would like to make an order, please contact the listed publisher(s) directly.

Exam fees

For more information about exam fees, please contact Amy Wang at amy.wang@trinitycollege.com.cn 

Exam documents

GESE (International) 2018
Download GESE Exam Dates and Fees for 2018

GESE (China) 2018
Download GESE (China) Exam Dates and Fees for 2018

Trinity Stars 2018
Download Trinity Stars Award Dates and Fees for 2018

Drama 2018
Download Drama Exam Dates and Fees for 2018


Centre support

Current classroom resources and other support documents/materials are available for Registered Examination Centres to order. If you wish to receive further support such as teacher training workshops, presentations or to conduct a examination session at your centre, please feel free to contact our Examinations Manager for assistance.

If you are a teacher or institution looking to offer Trinity ESOL qualifications you will need to become a registered examination centre. To apply to become a registered examination centre, please complete and return the Centre Registration Forms.


Replacement Certificates

Please refer to www.trinitycollege.co.uk/site/?id=1654


Use of logos and guidelines

  • Modification of the “Trinity Registered Centre” logo without formal authorisation from Trinity is strictly prohibited.
  • The institution registered as a Trinity examination Centre will be subjected to the infringement of the copyright of the “Trinity Registered Centre” logo if it does not comply with point 2 in the above.
  • Trinity reserves the right to stop the institution registered as a Trinity examination Centre using the Trinity logo without specifying the reasons.

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