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Customer service statement

Trinity College London is committed to providing a high quality support service for all our users from initial enquiry through to certification.

This statement will help us monitor our service to you and continually improve that service.

If you wish to comment on this statement or any service offered by Trinity College London, please contact us direct on info@trinitycollege.com.

Our phone lines are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, to answer any queries. Outside of these hours an answering service is available where all calls will be picked up the next working day.

Phone number: 020 7820 6100, fax: 020 7820 6161.


What you can expect from Trinity College London:

We will:

  • Make the interests of candidates and other clients our priority
  • Offer qualifications in the full range of subject areas provided by Trinity, with appropriate national accreditation and international recognition
  • Give prompt, helpful and friendly response to telephone and e-mail enquiries, normally within two working days
  • Answer telephone calls within four rings
  • Respond to written correspondence within seven working days, excepting requests for examination dates which we will prioritise according to the urgency of the appointment
  • Provide regular news updates on our website to keep you informed of all our latest guidance in all areas
  • Maintain full and accessible current information on our fees, and publish any changes to them according to the schedules set out in our literature
  • Give professional and individual advice where appropriate when you seek clarification prior to your own or your candidates’ examination
  • Support our teachers, candidates and centres through forward-looking syllabuses, publications and training
  • Include clear and simple guidance notes in all our syllabuses and centre handbooks
  • Notify applicants of their candidates’ examination dates and times at least three weeks in advance of their examination dates
  • Have confidential and secure procedures for storing questions, written papers and blank certificates
  • Ensure that candidates have access to suitable local examination facilities
  • Ensure that candidates are examined by highly trained professional examiners who undergo Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau checks
  • Deal with financial transactions within two months
  • Make an initial response to complaints within seven working days
  • Dispatch confirmation of results to centres within the timeframes and through the methods announced in our syllabuses and supporting documents
  • Respond to formal appeals at three levels as detailed in our syllabuses, with an independent opinion at the third level
  • Spot check a sample of centres annually
  • Immediately investigate allegations of malpractice in relation to our examination system
  • Keep records of candidates’ achievements and respond to legitimate requests for these records
  • Comply in all areas of the UK Data Protection Act
  • Comply with all current relevant statutory legislation
  • Continue to ensure that we are committed to providing equality of opportunity and treatment for all, and that we will not unlawfully or unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly on the basis of gender, age, ethnic origin or disability in our dealings with candidates, their parents, teachers, examiners, representatives or stewards
  • Provide our clients and customers with the opportunity to comment on all aspects of our service by contacting us at any time
  • Undertake to listen to and consult with Welsh and Irish speaking customers to determine their needs and monitor demand for assessment through both languages. Where demand for Welsh/Irish medium or dual language provision is identified, Trinity will provide information and conduct assessments, if appropriate, in Welsh/Irish and English.

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