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Performance Diplomas

Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn.

For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.

Extension to Trinity’s Music Performance & Teaching Diplomas

Please note: the 2009-2017 Performance and Teaching Diplomas Syllabus has been extended until the end of 2018.

Trinity Performance Diplomas are our most advanced performance awards. They follow on from our Grade and Certificate exams, taking musicians up to a professional standard of performance and musical understanding. We offer Recital Diplomas for classical musicians and Pro-Music Diplomas for session musicians with a focus on professional practice.

  • Please note that the option to enter for a jazz diploma was withdrawn in March 2016.
  • Please note that the Pro-Music Diplomas are being withdrawn, and will no longer be available after 31 December 2017. 
    Candidates should refer to their local centre representative for entry dates to ensure that they complete the qualification before its withdrawal at the end of 2017.

Diploma syllabus (PDF, 780KB) 

Syllabus corrections and clarifications (PDF, 24KB) 

Additional regulatory information is contained in the Music Diploma specifications supplement.


Recital Diplomas

Recital Diplomas are based around the planning and execution of a recital performance – 90% of the marks are for the performance, and 10% for presentation, including programme notes. There are no supporting tests.

For further information please see the following Trinity blog posts:


Pro-Music Diplomas

Pro-Music Diplomas assess performance along with the practical skills surrounding life as a professional session musician, such as rehearsal skills, ensemble playing and concert promotion. There are two units to complete – Unit 1 is mainly written work and Unit 2 is a practical exam.


The levels

The Recital Diploma is available at three levels:

  • Associate (ATCL): equivalent in standard to the first year of an undergraduate degree
  • Licentiate (LTCL): equivalent in standard to the final year of an undergraduate degree
  • Fellowship (FTCL): equivalent in standard to a postgraduate course at a conservatoire or university

Pro-Music diplomas are available at ATCL and LTCL levels.


Your repertoire

You can choose your Recital Diploma repertoire from our repertoire lists, select your own pieces or have a mix of the two. If there’s no repertoire list for your chosen instrument, you can propose an ‘own choice’ programme. Any programme including own choice items, or single movements from items listed complete in the syllabus, must be approved by Trinity before you can enter for the exam. If your programme is all taken from the repertoire lists then you won’t need approval.

The syllabus gives advice on creating a recital programme. You can’t choose any ‘own choice’ pieces set for our Grade or Certificate exams, or from a lower level diploma.  

If you want to present a pro-music programme, there’s no repertoire, so you’ll have to create your own and get it approved by Trinity. It can take 6 weeks to approve your programme, and 20 weeks if we need to amend it.

Create and submit your repertoire.


Enter for a Performance Diploma exam

Fees, contact details and entry forms





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