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Replacement certificates

Please note that exams taken at SELT centres are subject to different arrangements to those outlined below. See Candidate Identification & Security Policy for SELTs for more information.


For centres and candidates: replacements and amendments

If you would like to order a replacement certificate (eg if the original has been lost), or request an amendment (eg if the candidate's name is incorrectly spelt), you will need to complete a Certificate Replacement & Amendment Form and return it to Trinity College London along with the appropriate payment.

Please download and complete the Certificate replacement and amendment form. This includes all pricing information.

Please note:

  • This form applies only to Trinity qualifications taken from 2009 onwards. If your request is about an exam taken prior to this please contact the Enquiries about Results team separately at: archiverequests@trinitycollege.com
  • We are unable to process requests for grade examinations prior to 1997

Replacement certificates will be issued according to the published delivery timescales for the examination you have taken (for most exams this means you will receive a replacement within 6-8 weeks of the request).

Upon completion, please send the form, payment and proof of identity as follows:

For candidates who have taken exams anywhere, except Italy:

Operations Support
Trinity College London
AMP House, Tenth Floor
Dingwall Road

Please note: visitors by appointment only

For candidates who have taken exams in Italy:

National Representative’s Office (Italy)
Via P.S. Mattei, 69
Castiglione dei Pepoli
40035 Bologna


Information for exam centres only: checking certificates upon receipt

On receipt of your certificates for a session, please ensure you check that:

  • You have received all certificates for the session. NB Candidates who do not pass will not receive a certificate.
  • You can see all of your results on Trinity Online.
  • All certificates are accurate - both for result and spelling.

If you believe that there is an inaccuracy with the result, you must query this with Trinity's Head Office within 6 months of the receipt of the certificates. We are unable to query results after this time.

All certificates should be delivered to centres by max 6-8 weeks after the exams.


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