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Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology (CertICT)

Changes to the Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology (CertICT) qualification

Trinity College London regularly reviews its teaching qualifications portfolio and as part of this process therefore, the Cert ICT qualification will no longer be awarded by Trinity College London. Final Trinity certificates for the Cert ICT will be issued in December 2018.

The course content for the Cert ICT will continue to be owned by The Consultants-E, and will be offered in a new format from mid-2018. All Cert ICT certificates issued to date remain valid and will continue to be internationally recognised as a quality professional development qualification.

All queries relating to Cert ICT certification should be directed to admin@theconsultants-e.com.

Key dates

  • Final portfolio submission dates (to reach Trinity): 6 October 2018
  • Final referrals deadline (to reach Trinity): 30 November 2018
  • Last Trinity certification date: 21 December 2018


A course developed by The Consultants-E in collaboration with Trinity College London

This international qualification is offered online by The Consultants-E, and validated by Trinity College London.

The CertICT

The CertICT: Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology is an online international qualification, designed and developed by The Consultants-E, and fully validated by Trinity College London. The course examines a range of useful technology-related skills and tools which are immediately applicable in the language classroom. Course participants develop basic computer literacy skills, learn about various approaches to using technology in the classroom, explore (free) online tools, and have the opportunity to put these into practice over the duration of the course itself.

The CertICT consists of three separate modules (see Course Syllabus).


Who is the CertICT for?

The CertICT is a qualification for teachers and trainers of English (EFL, TESOL) and for teachers of other languages, who have already started their teaching careers and wish to further enhance their skills and expertise in using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with their learners in the classroom. The CertICT is suitable for teachers and trainers worldwide, whatever your level of experience with ICT – you will leave this course with a wealth of new ideas, tools, approaches and techniques to use ICT with your own learners.


How does the CertICT benefit you professionally?

Successful teachers are increasingly expected to use technology with their students. However, the use of technology needs to be firmly grounded in pedagogy, and a clear understanding of how it can support and develop students’ language learning. The online CertICT gives you the skills and confidence to use a range of technologies and tools with your students, in a principled and effective manner. How does the course benefit you?

  • Develop your professionalism. The CertICT is an international qualification validated by Trinity College London. It adds to your language teaching qualifications and enhances your CV.
  • Increase your employability. The CertICT increases your employment prospects by developing your skill set and helping you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Update your teaching. The CertICT gets you up to speed with current learning technologies, and increases your teaching repertoire with a range of exciting new activities, techniques and tools.
  • Join the community. The CertICT enables you to join the growing numbers of language teachers who use technology effectively to motivate and engage their students.
  • Secure your future. The CertICT gives you the tools to keep abreast of new developments, ensuring your future teaching prospects.



Enrolment Procedures and Fees

Please see The Consultants-E website for details on course fees, and for how to enrol please email enrolments@theconsultants-e.com.


Please see course dates from The Consultants-E website.



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